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Love God, Worship God, Love People, and Serve People

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James and Alice Hicks

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Our Mission

 Our Mission is to:

Build our faith in God through biblical teaching and prayer that will transform our mind, attitude, and our life. This transformation will give us a sense of purpose and inspire us to maximize our potential as we live for God.

Improve family relationships through practical application of the Word of God by taking a systematic approach to enhance all areas of our life. We do this through prayer, workshops, and seminars. At the same time we are promoting social interaction and true fellowship with other believers.

Inspire a greater worship and fellowship with God as we bring the believer into a renewed worship experience with the almighty God. This is done by relating biblical truths and encouraging a personal relationship with God and with each other.

Reach out to the community and surrounding areas, sharing the Word of God, instilling hope, faith, and love, and sharing our resources with those in hospitals, nursing facilities, prisons, and other civic organizations.

Encourage all of our members to embrace this mission statement. When we serve faithfully we can expect positive changes and true victory as we Love God, Worship God, Love People and Serve People. 

Greater Faith World Center in Apopka also known as Center of Faith Church Non Denominational Church

Greater Faith World Center in Apopka also known as Center of Faith Church Non Denominational Church

Our Pastors

Greater Faith World Center in Apopka also known as Center of Faith Church Non Denominational Church

 We invite you to come and meet Pastor James Hicks (Pastor J). Pastor J is the son of the late Deacon Sammie and Mother Kathleen Hicks of Govan, a small town in South Carolina, approximately 50 miles south of Columbia, S.C. He is a graduate from the University of South Carolina-Columbia and pursued graduate work. He is married to Alice Lebby Hicks, M.ED. of Denmark, S.C. They have four children who are also involved in ministry. We currently have three grandchildren. God has richly blessed this family.

Pastor J experienced the anointing to preach at nine years of age. Even though gifted in music and song, he was always referred to as “the preacher” by family and friends who knew him. Ordained by Bishop Johnnie J. Johnson of the Churches of God in Christ in 1988, Pastor J has traveled the world. During his 20-year Naval Career, he has ministered to people of all races, and denominations. After retirement, he and his wife became educators in the Orange County Public Schools in Florida. God sent them to Florida to start and build a ministry.

Pastor J is not just an anointed teacher-preacher, but God has endowed him with prophecy, discernment, and healing. Many have grown spiritually as he proclaimed the word of the Lord under the anointing. Center of Faith family and friends have witnessed miracles of healing from cancers, extension of life when the doctors proclaimed death, and women who were barren conceived and gave birth. 

Pastor J is a man of faith and he teaches us how to walk by faith, as we trust God to do the impossible. 

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Service Schedule

Beginning in June 2019 we will have a new service schedule!

Sunday School at 9am

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30am

Wednesday Night Bible Study at 7:00pm

Feel free to join us for any and all of our service times!

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